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Schedule your business headshots for your employees today.  Discounted sessions for business of 5 or more employees to be photographed for internal contacts, vCards and other marketing purposes.


What is a vCard? How to Attach Your vCard to Every Outbound Email


A vCard is definitely the electronic equivalent of an actual business card.  A  vCard  is an  digital enterprise card which utilizes a standard data format.  vCards may be used to represent e-mail or mobile phone contacts, making it possible for for a standard format of information which goes further than just name, email address contact info and/or contact number.

Furthermore, vCards works with most phones, so vCards can be utilised as the contact details for mobile phone contacts.  To setup your email to attach a vCard to every outbound message, choose the  Options  tab, and choose ” Personal Information “.  This part for the vCard is under the signature.  Type in all of the details that you’d like to have shown within your vCard and then click the ” Save ” button on the lower right.

To transport contacts from iPhone to vCard, you can create it by doing this.  First turn on your iPhone.

Look for that contact you wish to export. Click on the desired contact. Then, the information will be displayed. Click on “Share Contact” after which click “E-mail”. Then, fill out your Email address, like Gmail. Next send it. Next, you may sign in your Gmail profile and export the vCard data file to the computer.

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