Employee Profiles

Employee Profiles and Business Portraits

You can’t deny the benefits of your company using the tool of a social intranet community. Companies large and small are coming to terms that employee profiles are one of the most effective tools in helping a company grow domestically and internationally.   By utilizing your employee profiles, you help your staff connect on an internal and external avenue. Employee profiles help your staff tell their story and company contact information.  And along with your employee profiles, you will need great business portraits.

One of the benefits of contacting Philly Photography for your business portraits for employee profiles is bringing together remote staff members. When working together on any project or collaboration, it is easier to get a better sense of your colleagues when you have such a profile. Emails are great and work well but are missing this key connection.

Employees also get a chance to network within the company. Networking is a huge part of employee engagement and initiatives. Employee profiles allow colleagues to connect on the next level to further advance the company’s mission.   Contact Philly Photography today to schedule your photography date. We will come to your office for your staff’s convenience. We usually set up a small backdrop in a conference or empty room and get each staff member photographed in about 10 minutes.