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Legal Video Services

We also provide legal video services.  Our partners have over 20 years experience in legal videography.  Record your depositions, day in the life, and other legal video documentation with Philly Photography.  Our quality and professionalism can’t be beat.

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How Can Video Documentation Benefit Your Firm?

If your witness is important enough to be called to appear at trial but cannot attend, your next best choice may be a videotaped deposition. Some witnesses can be very nervous on the stand. Videotaping a deponent will take the pressure off. Having no judge, no jury, in a relaxed setting, will allow your witness to focus on his/her answers appearing at ease, confident and credible.

Perhaps you need a foundation witness to demonstrate the use of specialized tools or equipment. Having this testimony videotaped allows you to show the witness in his or her environment, adding credence to their statements. A camera can enhance critical details by zooming in and focusing on intricate models, x-rays, and exhibits. Additionally, videotaping machinery or large items that cannot be brought into the courtroom can greatly add to your case.

When dealing with expert testimony, videotaping his/her deposition can substantially reduce costs. There is no need to forgo a key deponent due to a time conflict. The testimony can be done at his or her convenience, reducing inevitable video