Portrait Photographer

Portrait Photographer


A great portrait depends on the expertise of the photographer. She can experiment different methods of posing to make his photograph full of life.  This is what Philly Photography does best.  Some tips for an innovative and creative photographs are as follows.


*Changing the Angle.
Normally portraits are taken with the camera at the eye level of the subject, but completely changing the angle that you shot from can give your portrait more perspective and composition.

*Altering Eye contact.
Have your subject concentrate her interest outside the subject of view of your camera. Or you can make your subject concentrate her attention on something inside the discipline of view of camera.This can give an originality to the portrait.

*Breaking the Rules of composition.
Creative placement with your subject right on the edge of the shot can often create interesting images.
*Experiment with lights.
There are several options available with lighting that can really create magic in portraits.  Side lighting, back lighting, hair lighting, etc may be employed for a more rich and dramatic look.

Professional Business Portraits by Philly Photography

*Moving Subject out of Comfort zone.

Sometimes a portrait should be taken while the subject is doing some action.  For example, take a picture of a client shaking hands or interacting with a client or colleague.  This would lead to an eye catching portrait which would be funny and intriguing.

*Random shooting.

Some folks won’t look good in a posed photograph.  So the subject should be kept comfortable and relaxed so they are unaware and  will not notice they are posed when the picture is taken.  It would be more natural looking.

*Introducing a natural prop.

Give more importance to a distinct object that is related to your subject,while keeping the subject inside of the photographic frame.  An example of this is a bookcase or desk that already exist in a law office.

*focusing on one body part and taking close up.

Photographing a person’s eyes, lips and even hands can go away a lot to the imagination of the viewer.

*concentrating on accessories.

Accessories which are unique usually attracts the viewers curiosity;  concentrating on such equipment can give interesting and a variety candid shots.
*Covering part of the Subject and taking close ups.
You can do this with clothing,objects or their hands.This enables you to make the viewer focus on the part where you wanted to.

Portrait Photographer

*Taking a Series of shots.

Set your camera into a constant shooting mode and click four-five shots at a time. By doing this, you can create a series of images that could be presented together instead of a single static image. This technique can work very well when you are photographing a professional doing his or her job.

*Fill the frame with your subject.
A portrait is about the subject,so zoom it close.

*Use shapes.
Use of geometrical shapes for the record, such as a person sitting down in front of a wall, will draw the viewer’s interest towards the subject.
*employing mix of Colors.
Contrast of backgrounds and the subject’s clothing color can attract the viewer;s eye as well.
*Sticking to Symmetry.
Nature loves symmetry.  A photograph taken at one of our locations can be excellent and professional when it has symmetry.

By employing some of the above tips and techniques and a great deal of other methods,  your professional photographer can make you and your staff look dashing.

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